At we completed a wide range of enterprise projects in PeopleSoft, Java and ML

APIs & Microservices

When building APIs we use domain-driven-development to create services that operate autonomously within bounded context.

ERP Machine Learning

Latest and greatest PeopleSoft 8.58 comes integrated with tools for pushing flat data into ElasticSearch. Once the data is exposed, it can be leveraged with machine learning library of your choice!

Java EE and Spring

Enterprise Classic! We've been developing Java EE application since 2004. More recently we fully transitioned into Java 14, Spring Boot and SPA with React.js

Microsoft SharePoint Integration

When you need to push data from your ERP into SharePoint, we've got it!

Software Architecture

Big Design Up Front is bad, but No Design Up Front is even worse. C4 model is the secret sauce that helps addressing functional and non-functional requirements in agile teams.